Thursday, February 12, 2015

WeaRSS Internet Coverage

WeaRSS has been getting some coverage on the internet; both on the web and in the land of Android apps. I thought I would share the love.

First - and I'm most excited about this - WeaRSS is currently a featured app in the Android Wear section of the Google Play Store! I shared the photo on my Instagram profile:

I never thought this would happen!
To see it for yourself open up the Play Store on your Android device (and you do have an Android device, right?) and head to the Android Wear page; these are "Hand-Picked for Wear" apps. Swipe down the page and you'll see it listed right there! It's definitely an honor to get recognition from Google in this fashion.

WeaRSS has also been getting some video recognition on YouTube. Here is a great video review:


And YouTube channel HonestTech includes it as one of their "5 Must Have Android Wear Apps:"

A big thanks to the creators of those videos for the coverage. And while you're watching the videos, why don't you give those channels a like or subscribe?

The app has been picked up by a couple of websites too:

On a final note, I realize it's not entirely clear how to actually pronounce 'WeaRSS' when you say it out loud. I'll try to lay the confusion to rest: the way I say it is "wear-R-ess-ess;" kind of in a flowing manner. I do pronounce both 'Wear' and 'RSS' but I mash them together a little bit with an extra "R" sound to bridge the two parts together.

Naturally, this should help you as you discuss this app with your friends and/or make a positive video review. Right? Right.

1 comment:

  1. a great app !! just need one more function for me :
    I think it need a feed selector on the watch... for two reasons :
    - differents feeds can have different update frequency => I will always read a lot articles from a high frequency feed before getting one article from a low frequency feed
    - I read different categories of feeds... sometimes I want to read only one category...

    So a selector for the feed on the app launch on the watch will be great !!
    but I think that some people like to read all their article on one chronological "mixed" feed... So maybe an option on the companion app will be a good choice..